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July 28, 2021, 12:36 PM

Boeing Sees Chinese Max Certification by Year-end

While political risks remain a consideration, Boeing CEO David Calhoun expressed a belief that China has more to gain than lose by certifying the 737 Max.

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Jul 26, 2021 - 11:15 PM
EAA lands record number of aircraft in days leading up to AirVenture.
Piaggio Avanti EVO (Photo: Piaggio Aerospace/Paul Cordwell)
Jul 26, 2021 - 11:17 AM
The Italian Ministry for Economic Development has approved moving into final negotiations for Piaggio with a binding offer expected in about a month.
Jul 25, 2021 - 10:11 PM
Diamond Aircraft's DA50 RG will debut this year at AirVenture; deliveries are expected to begin next year.
VoltAero's Cassio hybrid-electric aircraft
Jul 25, 2021 - 10:10 PM
Private aviation platform KinectAir is offering fractional shares in VoltAero’s Cassio hybrid-electric airplane.
Jul 23, 2021 - 10:38 AM
Dassault Falcon deliveries dropped to six units in the first half, but the company captured 25 orders for its business jet line at the same time.
Preowned business jet inventory at histroic lows
Jul 22, 2021 - 11:15 AM
Inventory of preowned business jets has reached record lows, according to market analysis by private jet broker Colibri Aircraft.
Eviation Alice
Jul 22, 2021 - 6:14 AM
The New England-based regional airline sees strong benefits from electric aircraft services but admits the business case for the switch is not yet proven.
Rafale Greece
Jul 21, 2021 - 12:38 PM
The first six Rafales for Greece will remain in France for a while to train Greek aircrew and technicians.
Beechcraft Denali
Jul 21, 2021 - 12:11 PM
Textron Aviation’s new Denali turboprop single will now be branded as a Beechcraft as part of the company's high-performance turboprop product lineup.
Embraer Phenom 300 (Photo: Embraer)
Jul 21, 2021 - 12:03 PM
Embraer's executive jet shipments jumped seven units to 20 in Q2, while commercial deliveries were up 10 to 14.