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Elliott Finishes 48-month Challenger 604 Inspection

 - October 17, 2018, 8:37 AM

Elliott Aviation (Booth 3042) completed its first 48-month inspection on a Challenger 604, which also had some interior and avionics work done during this downtime. The inspection was performed at the company’s Moline, Illinois facility, where Elliott also has an additional Challenger 604 currently undergoing a 7,800-cycle inspection.

“The Challenger has proven to be a key component to our growth as an MRO,” said Michael Parrish, vice president of maintenance, paint, and interior sales at Elliott. “We’re proud to now offer Challenger customers the high quality and customer service our customers expect. We’ve invested a significant amount of training and tooling to launch our Challenger program and are happy to see this segment grow.”

Elliott began its Challenger maintenance program in 2016. The company first performed a 48-month inspection on a Challenger 300 and has since completed paint and interior for additional 300s. With approval to repair Challenger 300s and 604s, Elliott expects to soon add Challenger 605s to its repair station certificate.