ACI Jet Finishes First JetWave Install on Challenger 604

 - October 24, 2018, 11:54 AM

ACI Jet completed installation of Honeywell’s JetWave Ka-band internet hardware supported with an Inmarsat Jet ConneX data plan from Rockwell Collins on a Bombardier Challenger 604. The installation was completed alongside interior and avionics upgrades and a 48-month inspection. ACI Jet also installed a Rockwell Collins FANS/ADS-B upgrade on the aircraft.

“The real story behind this installation isn’t just that it’s a first of its kind,” said Dave Jensen, vice president of aircraft maintenance for ACI Jet. “It brings international, overwater broadband internet speeds fast enough for multiple passengers to stream HD-quality video to a new category of aircraft owner and charter consumer. Clients have been asking for this kind of service on our ever-popular West Coast to Hawaii flights, and owners of charter aircraft capable of flying international or overwater routes should be listening.”

The installations and inspection were completed at ACI Jet’s San Luis Obispo facility. The Challenger 604 was additionally equipped with satcom and VHF datalink during the process. ACI Jet also used its additive manufacturing capabilities to provide 110V electrical outlets for the twinjet.