Web Manuals and ASQS To Support Audit Preparation

 - November 8, 2018, 12:10 PM

Web Manuals partnered with Advanced Safety and Quality Solutions (ASQS) to provide auditors with a robust ability to prepare audits. ASQS’s intuitive quality and safety management system will be used in tandem with Web Manuals and it is expected the combination will save auditors time during audit preparation. Automated retrieval of compliance links and cross-referencing of regulatory content provided by the integration will help auditors to maintain a focus on analysis of audit implementation.

“It became obvious during discussions with ASQS that an integrated solution would offer a new level of digitization for customers, and in turn, improve safety within these organizations,” said Martin Lidgard, CEO and founder of Web Manuals. “Further integration will allow users to pull out process compliance links and generate an audit plan, complete with requirement list, all at the touch of a button.”

ASQS functions as a quality and risk management solution tool with a web-based platform. According to ASQS, the new partnership with Web Manuals will save auditors hundreds of working hours on an annual basis. “Users can now use the compliance link functionality from Web Manuals to quickly view relevant manuals within their own internal documents,” said Günther Schindl, managing director at ASQS. “This has made a huge improvement to our customers’ efficiency, as previously they had to manually upload documents from Web Manuals into the IQSMS software.”