CBAA Protests New Landing Fee at Montreal

 - February 11, 2021, 11:55 AM

The Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA) has taken issue with a new minimum landing fee scheduled to start April 1 at Montreal International Airport. It would establish a $216 flat rate per aircraft regardless of airframe weight, type, or powerplant, CBAA said.

In a letter to the airport authority, the CBAA conceded, “With flights and revenues severely affected by Covid-19, we fully understand the difficult position that [the airport] is facing.” However, “by imposing this fee on all aircraft indiscriminately, regardless of size, companies located in the region who are using smaller aircraft as an essential part of their business may be negatively impacted.

“Servicing these aircraft puts no burden on terminal operations yet helps keep the economy moving and essential goods flowing through the Montreal region,” the association added. “We believe that this value should be taken into consideration when you set fees for this small but vital segment of airport activity.”

CBAA also is concerned that this issue will be even “more challenging” for business aircraft should the federal government continue with its scheduled requirement for arriving international general aviation aircraft to land at Canada’s four major hub airports beyond March 30.