Baldwin Offers New Safety Tool Free To All Clients

 - February 19, 2021, 11:15 AM

Baldwin Safety and Compliance is now offering its Internal Evaluation Program (IEP)—a tool the company introduced last year to evaluate an organization across many facets and thus improve safety—to clients at no cost. IEP includes “Steps to Excellence” (S2E) and 10 to 15 operational audit questions derived from industry standards and regulatory sources each month.

“We felt it was important to provide open access to this tool so that we can identify emerging trends and make the industry aware,” said Baldwin director of standards Jason Starke. “One of the more important aspects of this IEP is that we have referenced many sources to provide a well-rounded and comprehensive assessment. We aren’t simply copying standards but identifying appropriate standards and regulations to support your operation.”

Baldwin’s IEP draws upon several different regulatory and best practice sources such as IS-BAO, IOSA, OSHA, and FARs. The FAA recommends an IEP should be performed on a three-year cycle, but Baldwin’s service is structured on a two-year cycle “to provide higher resolution and engagement.”

While its IEP is currently designed for traditional aircraft operators, Baldwin plans to further develop this service for unmanned aircraft systems and FBOs.