FAA OKs J&J Covid Vaccine for Pilots, Controllers

 - March 1, 2021, 11:37 AM

The FAA has cleared U.S. pilots and air traffic controllers to receive Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Covid-19 vaccine following emergency-use authorization by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Saturday. This is the third—and the first single-dose—Covid vaccine to get the FAA’s green light for pilots and others who perform safety sensitive duties under the conditions of their FAA-issued airman medical certification.

Like the previously allowed two-dose Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, the FAA will require those getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to wait 48 hours before conducting safety sensitive aviation duties, such as flying or controlling air traffic. The waiting period—meant to accommodate any side effects—applies to those holding an airman medical certificate under FAR Part 67 or a medical clearance under FAA Order 3930.3C. This is similar to waiting periods imposed by the FAA for other vaccines, including those for tuberculosis and typhoid.

The FAA said it will evaluate additional Covid vaccines as they receive FDA emergency-use authorization.