Rheinland Adds Third Hangar for Increasing Bizav Mx

 - April 7, 2021, 10:00 AM
Rheinland Air Service's third maintenance hangar at Mönchengladbach Airport will allow it to keep up with increasing business aircraft maintenance. (Image: Rheinland Air Service)

Rheinland Air Service (RAS) is expanding its footprint with the addition of a third hangar at Mönchengladbach Airport in Germany at a cost of €15 million ($17.8 million) to address increasing business aviation MRO activities. In addition to the expansion, the MRO provider said it expects to add 50 new jobs in the near term and a total of 100 long-term.

RAS’s site at Mönchengladbach consists of two maintenance hangars, a spare parts warehouse, 15,000 sq m (161,458 sq ft) of office space, and 270 employees. Annually, it performs maintenance on more than 50 ATR regional aircraft and more than 100 business aircraft.

Completion of the new hangar is expected in third-quarter 2022. Its construction was originally planned for 2020, but postponed because of Covid-19.

“That led to a difficult situation, as the lack of space made it harder for RAS to meet the demand for maintenance and repair of business jets,” said RAS. “The hangar expansion, and new jobs, position RAS for continued growth—and more personalized service for regional airlines and business aviation.”