FSF Guidance Targets Runway Excursion Prevention

 - May 6, 2021, 11:52 AM

Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) is taking aim at runway excursions with release of new guidance that includes more than 100 recommendations, best practices, and other preventative information developed by a global cross-section of industry and government leaders. The Global Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Excursions (GAPPRE) is designed to help prevent what FSF said is the most frequent type of aviation accident and risk for small and large aircraft.

“The rate and number of runway excursions worldwide remained steady in the last decade,” GAPPRE states, adding that while the rate of commercial aviation excursions has dipped, “the absolute number of accidents and incidents and their severity still indicate a very high risk.”

Coordinated by FSF and Eurocontrol, GAPPRE includes recommendations and supporting material that is broken into separate sections for aircraft operators; aerodrome operators; air navigation service providers; aircraft manufacturers; regulators; and states, international organizations, and others in the industry.

“Our focus on preventing runway excursions in regions around the world has a heightened urgency, especially in light of increases in air travel toward pre-pandemic levels,” said FSF president and CEO Hassan Shahidi. “Our global campaign is to proactively raise awareness on this issue."