Canada Updates Aircraft Operator Covid Guidance

 - August 5, 2021, 12:14 PM

Transport Canada and Canada’s Public Health Agency have published Civil Aviation Safety Alerts (CASA) Issue No. 2 for private and commercial air operators regarding Covid-19. This document provides updated health guidance to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 on board aircraft, during flight and ground operations, layovers, or through day-to-day operational requirements.

Since March 2020, Canadian health agencies, the aviation industry, and international state partners have been responding to and assessing the outbreak of Covid-19. Issue No. 2 serves as an update to the guidance issued in March 2020 to represent the changes in domestic and international guidance. The alert's foremost recommendation is that operators should encourage crewmembers to get a Covid-19 vaccine, as well as provide crewmembers with the opportunity (time off) to access the vaccine.

In addition, operators are advised to remain in contact with crewmembers to ensure they continue to monitor their health, avoid risk factors, and report any symptoms to their employer before being assigned to duty. Operator responsibilities include arranging private transportation between airport and hotel during layovers. The document also contains links to current domestic and international advisories, policies, and regulations.