Duncan Begins Fourth Installation of Bongiovi System

 - August 31, 2021, 5:08 PM

Duncan Aviation has begun installation of the Bongiovi Aviation audio system on a Gulfstream G450, its fourth installation of the system this year. The MRO’s previous installations were on a Gulfstream G550 and Dassault Falcon 7X and 900EX.

Instead of speakers, the Bongiovi system uses small transducers that weigh about three ounces and are attached to the backside of cabin panels to transmit sound. In addition to maintaining cabin aesthetics, it reduces the weight that comes with traditional speakers and subwoofers.

Duncan said the quality of the sound system proved itself earlier this year to the flight department operator of the G550, who was meeting with Duncan officials for an avionics upgrade. The operator heard the testing of the system on the Falcon 7X as they were walking through the MRO’s hangar in Battle Creek, Michigan.

“As we discussed the work on the aircraft, the techs were running sound tests on the transducers in the headliner for the Falcon 7X,” said Duncan avionics sales rep Mike Morgan. “The headliner was draped over a bench, so it hadn’t even been installed yet, but the sound was that impressive,” said Morgan. “They wanted to know all about the Bongiovi system. They then changed their plans to simply repair an obsolete cabin management system (CMS) and instead install an entirely new CMS so they could also get the Bongiovi system.”