Canada Prohibiting Passenger Flights from Morocco

 - September 7, 2021, 12:14 PM

Canada has some of the strictest Covid-19 travel and border measures in the world and is continuing to take a risk-based and measured approach to reopening its borders. The latest such action is the restriction of direct public, private, and charter flights from Morocco to Canada.

“An increase in Covid-19 positive test results has been observed in travelers arriving in Canada from Morocco over the past month,” said Transport Canada. Consequently, a notam has been published that restricts all direct commercial and private passenger flights to Canada from Morocco until September 30, it added.

This prohibition does not apply to cargo operations, medical transfers, ferry flights, flight crew repatriation, technical stops where passengers do not disembark, and aircraft safety situations.

Transport Canada is also amending its regularly updated Covid-19 interim order requirements related to third-country pre-departure virus tests to include travelers to Canada from Morocco via an indirect route. “This means that passengers who depart Morocco to Canada, via an indirect route, will be required to obtain a valid Covid-19 pre-departure test from a third country—other than Morocco—before continuing their journey to Canada.”