Embraer Launches Upgraded TechPubs Platform

 - September 15, 2021, 9:59 AM

Embraer Services & Support has released a TechPubs platform for the company's executive jets division that replaces its eTechPubs platform with one that is more user-friendly and distributes aircraft technical publications “in a smart, flexible, and mobile way,” the Brazilian airframer has announced.

The new, “more intuitive and modern” platform features “workspaces” that allow users to create their own interfaces and share them internally with other users, which Embraer said will accelerate the maintenance process. Additionally, those workspaces can be shared between multiple devices such as laptops and desktops with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, iPads and tablets, and smartphones. Further, TechPubs is set up to allow users from outside parties to share information in the same workspace, although Embraer told AIN that “we are assessing the further impact of this feature.”

TechPubs will be integrated with other Embraer services such as EmbraerX’s Beacon digital maintenance platform, one capability of which will allow customers to upload technical manuals from other OEMs. “TechPubs could also support videos for maintenance tips to complement the maintenance task information inside Embraer manuals,” the company said. “Customers or any company outside Embraer could [also] develop, integrate, and deploy their software solution in TechPubs to explore data in our platform. In summary, we have lots of possibilities to explore and we are studying which ones add more value to our customers.”