ACA: UK CAA Seeks Comments on Flight Cost-sharing Rules

 - December 6, 2021, 11:57 AM

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is now accepting comments about its newly released consultation for proposed amendments to current cost-sharing flight rules, the Air Charter Association (ACA) announced today. While ACA supports “true” cost-sharing flights, it has “serious concerns” over its being used to mask illegal charter flights.

“We recognize the UK CAA’s consultation as a step towards addressing the illegal charter issues relating to cost sharing flights,” said ACA CEO Glenn Hogben. “We hope it will bring changes to regulation, encourage other international authorities to review their policies and ultimately increase safety by reducing illegal charter flights.”

The cost-share element of these flights relates to direct-cost expenses—which includes fuel, airfield charges, or aircraft rental fees—that can legitimately be distributed between the pilot and others onboard the aircraft. “However, there are instances where pilots and passengers of illegal commercial air transport conspire to present illegal flights as legal cost shared flights,” ACA noted.

According to ACA, the CAA has reviewed existing cost-sharing regulations and opened this consultation to solicit views on the proposed changes before determining its next steps.