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Kaman To Support Rebuilding Puerto Rico

 - February 28, 2018, 4:21 PM
With its narrow fuselage and distinctive contra-rotating, intermeshing rotors eliminating the need for torque compensation, Kaman Aircraft’s K-Max is optimized for heavy-lift operations.

Rotak Helicopter Services, a K-Max operator in Alaska, will operate in Puerto Rico to support infrastructure rebuilding efforts from Hurricane Maria, according to Kaman Aerosystems (Booth C4221). Ely Woods, owner and director of maintenance for Rotak, said the company will take delivery of two additional K-Max helicopters later this year. The K-Max is a heavy-lift, single-engine helicopter that features a counter-rotating rotor system that is designed for vertical reference flight.

“We are proud that K-Max will be fulfilling this role in the critical rebuilding effort for the people of Puerto Rico,” said Drake Klotzman, general manager of Kaman’s MRO division. “This mission will utilize K-Max’s 6,000-pound lift and precision placement capability, small operating footprint, and low operating costs. It will present a strong value proposition to Rotak and the end users. Strong demand has resulted in extended K-Max production and is cause for consideration of the manufacture of additional aircraft.”

Meanwhile, Kaman restarted production for the K-Max aircraft in June 2015. The company has delivered three aircraft since rolling out the first in July and is now poised to deliver two aircraft to K-Max operator Helicopter Express in Georgia and one to Columbia Basin Helicopters in Oregon. By the end of this month, Kaman will have delivered a total of six aircraft from the new production lot. .

“We are pleased that the new production K-Max aircraft from Lot 1 are expected to be delivered to Helicopter Express and Columbia Basin Helicopters [in March],” said Klotzman. “This is an important milestone for the K-Max program and I am very proud that we are continuing the production and delivery of K-Max aircraft to customers around the world.”