North American Guimbal Fleet Tops 50,000 Hours

 - August 30, 2021, 4:56 PM
(Photo: Provided by Michael Neese, Sweet Aviation)

The North American fleet of more than 40 Guimbal Cabri G2 piston single helicopters has surpassed 50,000 flight hours. The majority of the fleet is operated by more than 20 flight schools, community colleges, universities, and private operators. 

Guimbal North American dealer Precision Support Services of McMinnville, Oregon, partnered with the French OEM to import the first Cabri G2 into the U.S. in 2014 and assisting with FAA certification of the aircraft in 2015. Since then, the helicopter has been sold into the North American market, particularly with collegiate-level Part 141 flight training programs. Guimbal has manufactured nearly 300 Cabri G2s with a collective 350,000 flight hours. These aircraft are certified and operated in 35 countries, across six continents. 

Precision CEO David Rath said the Cabri was not designed to appeal to lowest-cost training providers. “Our market is the programs who prioritize a platform with high-quality systems and features, unparalleled safety standards, and long-term economic value. These programs see the importance of an aircraft like the Cabri that can safely and efficiently be used to train the next generation of pilots and prepare them for success in fields such as utility, EMS, and corporate transportation,” he said.